What Can I Do?

I'm not a doctor! ...What do you expect me to do?

It's real simple skippy. No matter what your profession you can help out, and you will never even miss the time or effort of doing so. If you've got five minutes you can change the world around you. Here's how. Pick any ONE of the options below and do it. Then rag on your friends for not doing something. Next week take another five minutes and do something else. It's just that simple--and it helps everyone you know.


Got five bucks? donate it to the fight. Simple, right? It's like picking up a pack of smokes, a gallon of gas, or a coffee at Starbucks. It's a one-time thing, so you'll never miss it, and we are not asking you to save some stupid tree, or fly off to some country half-way around the world to feed starving kids. Just crack open that wallet and plop down five measly bucks here, and 100% of your moolah goes to kick the shit out of cancer. Then treat yourself to a beer and a cage match on TV. You may not think something this easy to do can make a difference, but it is the very act of YOU doing it that makes ALL the difference. There's no begging here, and no whining. Either you do this, or you aren't a real man.


Don't got five dollars? That's fine. Got five friends? Get five friends to pony up $20 each and donate that here--directly to the people who are on the front lines of this "War on Breast cancer."

Show us the receipt (no older than 30 days please) and we will send you a FREE copy of "The Easiest Way to Meet and Pick Up Girls - EVER!!" It's a fun little book on getting women to like you--go figure. It normally sells for about twenty bucks (plus postage) but we will send you a copy absolutely f-r-e-e! Hell, we'll even pay the postage! You just sit back in your favorite chair and read it, give it to your friends, or toss the thing in the trash. But you will have the good feeling that YOU did something about breast cancer--something that really made a difference.


Okay, if you have already done either or both of those and you have the balls to wear something pink, send us five bucks and we will send you one of our patented macho Real Men Wear Pink ribbons. When you get it in the mail, have your favorite hottie sew it on your leather and be sure the ladies see you wearing it—proving that you are indeed a real man. Every cent over the hard cost of making that ribbon will be donated directly to the cause, just as if you donated it yourself. All we take out is the hard cost of the ribbon and the postage to get it to you, so if you live outside of the continental United States, throw in an extra buck--or a stamp or two.

Spend one weekend a year--just one--hanging out with a few thousand women at AVON's annual Walk for Breast Cancer. they have one each year in L.A., New York, Boston, San Francisco, D.C., Charlotte, Houston, and even one in the Rocky Mountains (somewhere--it's nw, it's top secret. If you really want to find it click here). Hang out with the girls, move some things around (like tents), hand out water--basically volunteer to have fun for 48 hours and camp out under the stars (they supply the tents). It's like being an overgrown boy scout for a day or two, but there's women everywhere. Is this Heaven, or what? It's a good thing to do and you can probably even get the boss to give you time off "for good behavior." Tell him or her it's "good PR to have his/her employees to help out goo causes like this on a Friday, Saturday, and/or Sunday.

So let's get to it

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